Digital & Social Marketing

to join the conversation and generate the buzz
Public Relations & Event Planning

to excite and engage customers
Media Planning & Media Buying

to produce leads and results
Creative Advertising Campaigns

to capture attention and create awareness
Public Relations

to get the story out and be heard
TV & Radio Production

to convey the sizzle and control the message

We are proud to offer a unique, personalized approach specializing in:

Advertising &
Creative Campaigns

Connect to your audience with direct response creative advertising messages.

Media Buying & Placement
Reach your customers through effective media buying & placement in your market.

Public Relations
& Event Marketing

Build brand awareness and reach new customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Leverage paid search to generate leads and sales.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Improve your organic presence and drive business.

Social Media
Engage with your customers and enhance your brand.

Brand Development &

Working to build your brand AND your audience.

Virtual Abilities
Offering the latest in cutting edge virtual reality technology.


We're proud of our many long-term relationships with a number of diverse industry-leading brands.
Our personalized ability to provide effective results helps our clients to efficiently grow their business.

"To be a strategic marketing partner you need to provide strategic insights.  Omnivest Marketing & Media offers an excellent combination of consulting and execution capabilities."

- Elliot H. Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Responsibility Magazine

"Their experience and creativity is some of the best I have ever seen.  OmniVest is a class organization.  From website design to TV commercial productions, their creative skills and marketing expertise have exceeded my expectations.  The results of all my campaigns have been outstanding resulting in steady lead calls and increased high awareness.  They will be my marketing partners for life."

- Maddy Quint, CEO, SnackTime Media, LLC.

"OmniVest provides extensive industry wisdom as it relates to both the best ways to reach my target audience and the most efficient ways to capture and attract that audience.  From start to finish, they have been by my side with expert advice and guidance and I could not have grown my business without them."

- Nicholas Melhado, President, MBM Render, Inc.

"Working with OmniVest makes me look great.  Oh, and the company I work for too.  Their creative input and marketing direction set us on the right path to increase lead volume and sales.  Their partnership is invaluable and bringing them on my team was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It's been a long time since I have found a creative business partner and am thankful to them every day for being that perfect match."

- Dale Kominsky, Sales Director, Obagi

"The entire team is creative, personable, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable and talented.  I am thankful to them for always being on point in their direction and guidance - my business is successful because of it and I am extremely thrilled to have them on my team."

- Scott Rubinsky, CPA, CFE

"They have been an instrumental part in helping us increase our brand awareness and sales.  They are truly the perfect extension of our team and go above and beyond in all aspects of creative and marketing to make sure we get the most effective brand presence in our community.  Their dedication to client service and my ROI is unmatched!"

- Pauline Borgia, Manager, CRSD

"OmniVest works hard and produces results.  Period.  They continue to earn my business time and time again through their dedication, creativeness, attention to detail, and honest on-point communication - not to mention, my successful inquiries and increased revenue.  Like I said, they produce results - every time - I can depend on that."

- Brittany Melhado, Marketing Manager, ALU, Inc.

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