OmniVest Properties Management LLC

"Being the first Charter School to build from the ground up in Pennsylvania was an immense responsibility, but one that we will always cherish.  However, we could not have accomplished this huge task without the assistance of the OmniVest team of professionals.  They helped me with just about everything, from negotiating with the banks to handling the contractors to seeing our school vision complete.  Their immense help allowed me to focus on the bigger tasks at hand — educating the children.  OmniVest helped the 'Miracle on 21st' come to fruition.  Thanks OmniVest."

– Mama Chris, CEO/Founder, Imhotep Institute Charter High School

"As the new CEO of a charter school, I know that I wouldn't have made it this far without the help of Melanie and Jim.  They have been empathetic, supportive, and knowledgeable of every aspect of organizing and managing a school.  I feel that I can call on them anytime of the day and they'll be there with the support I need to make it through this year and the next!"

– Maria Snipe, CEO, Alliance For Progress Charter School

"Working with Omnivest and Mandrel Construction is always a pleasure.  Omnivest was an integral part of the financing and acquisition of our school building.  They paid attention to every detail and made sure we were comfortable each and every step of the way.  Even after we successfully purchased our facility, both Omnivest and Mandrel continued to work tirelessly on our behalf, and still do.  I highly recommend them and just cannot say enough about their outstanding professionalism, quality workmanship, high integrity, quality support and encouragement and overall superb commitment to excellence."

– Dr. Francine Fulton, CEO, Imani Education Circle Charter School

"Omnivest has been a partner with Philadelphia Montessori School since the first day the school opened.  PMCS recently switched to another provider but decided after one year to rejoin Omnivest as our financial manager.  The level of service we had received from Omnivest we thought was a commodity but soon learned that it was not.  The service level at Omnivest it what makes them a uniquely good partner.  I and the Board are happy we voted to rejoin Omnivest."

– Christopher Smith, the Board Chair, Philadelphia Montessori Charter School

"Omnivest has been a part of the PFPCS fabric since its inception in 1999.  Not only did PFPCS contract with an exemplary full service, school management organization (SMO), it also gained an outstanding, long term strategic partner.  Well heeled as an SMO, Omnivest's services are impeccable and the successes of PFPCS are highly attributable to the steady, guiding hand of Omnivest over the years."

– Pri Seebadri, CEO, People For People Charter School

"It is acutely evident that OmniVest has our school and its community best interests at heart.  They are proficient and knowledgeable on every aspect of school business operations and provide excellent and judicious communications.  I find them to be very honest and straightforward on all issues which aids our Board of Directors and the School's Executive team to make well thought-out decisions.  The OmniVest team has a very professional attitude and has for the past 15 years provided the People For People Charter School with exceptional service."

– Linda Chandler, Board Chair, People For People Charter School

"In all endeavors, Omnivest has shown a superior level of dedication to servicing our school and supporting our community service efforts.  In my new role of only three years as CEO, Omnivest has supported me in explaining past trends of our school, best practices, and opportunities where our school can save money.  Omnivest supports our programs and fundraising efforts as well.  Omnivest communicates effectively and is conscientious about completing and meeting deadlines for our state requirements in a timely fashion."

– Nina Brevard, CEO, Discovery Charter School

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