Financial Services

OmniVest prides ourselves in offering a variety of premier financial services to all our clients.  We take responsibility, we ensure, we advise, we arrange, we provide, we perform…Omnivest is a dependable resource for all clients financial needs.  We are highly experienced in many areas of financing…

Sale Leaseback Financing

OmniVest can arrange, on behalf of its clients, a sale and leaseback transaction.  OmniVest will act as intermediary in preparing the sale and leaseback proposal, securing an investor, and overseeing the closing of the transaction.

Asset Management

OmniVest will advise clients on asset management strategies.  In addition, we will manage the day-to-day decisions related to the properties on a contractual basis, overseeing ongoing property management and operations.  OmniVest has a 24/4/365 property maintenance division where we can respond with either emergency or routine service calls on any aspect of the property.

Acquisition & Disposition

OmniVest will take responsibility for the acquisition and disposition of properties in conjunction with client projects.  An action plan will be created and carried out by OmniVest to achieve the desired goals of each client.

Project Reporting

OmniVest ensures that all clients are kept fully informed of each project’s status.  We provide regular cost breakdowns and sensitivity analyses for better decision making.

Feasibility Analysis

OmniVest performs front-end feasibility analysis to examine development options and opportunities.  We advise clients on the best possible alternatives and provide solid solutions.

Financial Viability

OmniVest applies its extensive financial and analytical expertise to generate comprehensive budgets, sophisticated economic projections and financial models.  We advise and coordinate public and private financing.

Deal Structuring

OmniVest conceptualizes and then implements strategies for securing debt and/or equity financing.  We develop effective real estate strategies and coordinate, negotiate, and finalize transactions.