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About Us

OmniVest Management, LLC is a multifaceted organization that provides premier, professional support in:

  • Education and Program Management
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate Development

OmniVest has provided a plethora of distinguished services in each of the above categories to Schools across the country. Our team of experienced professionals will guarantee all State and Federal reporting is complete and accurate to maintain full compliance and esteemed ranking. OmniVest’s mission is to assure your School is a blue-ribbon School with strong financial support and sound program policies and procedures to assist in achieving School and student success. Your Vision is our Mission!

Education Management

Specializing in school management, OmniVest can assist you in realizing your ultimate dreams of operating an efficiently run, high-quality blue ribbon school.  Opening and operating a school, whether it is public, private, or a charter school, can sometimes be extremely overwhelming based on all of the current educational and financial demands as well as in-depth compliance issues.  As an independent, education-based company, OmniVest Management, LLC. specializes in the planning, design, development, construction, financing, and management of schools, and we have hands-on experience in the development and operations of over 175 private and public schools in 14 states, coast to coast.

Real Estate Development & Finance

Comprised of seasoned, hands-on real estate professionals, OmniVest provides experience in all aspects of the real estate development process.  OmniVest offers interdisciplinary and comprehensive services — planning, design, financing, development, management, and construction coordination of facilities throughout the United States.  From the initial meeting to the cutting of the ribbon, OmniVest ensures that every phase of the project is managed to perfection with a focus on cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and bottom-line results.

Please click above to hear more from our Vice President of School Operations, Kimberly Hensinger, on how OmniVest Management, LLC. could be the partner your School is looking for!

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