May 2023 News & Updates

Upcoming Deadlines

  • PIMS
  • SDP(School District of Philadelphia)
  • State
  • Finalize Budget 22.23
  • Audit Engagement Letter
  • Federal Grants

PIMS Upcoming Deadlines

  • Career Standard Benchmarks – Due 6.29.23 
  • SPED Transition/Exits – Due 7.21.23
  • Safe Schools – Due 7.31.23 
  • Child Accounting – Due 8/30/2023

If OmniVest completes your PIMS reporting the email with the June and July timeline for the needed data will be sent in the very near future. Please contact your Operations team member if you have any questions.


  • SPED Templates Table 1,2,3 & 9A –Due 7/9/2023
  • Infinite Campus Updates – Please review and update all student data, IEP Dates and calendar start and stop dates as the last SDP snapshot is 6/20/2023.
  • IDEA Contract for SY22.23 – The SDP is providing them through an online portal. The CEO should have received an email from Michelle of how to access them and sign for execution. Please let us know if you have not received an email and we will be happy to assist. Please forward a copy of the signed IDEA Contract for SY 21.22.


  • Annual Report – Due 8/1/2023
  • Police MOU – Due 6/30/2023
  • Bullying Policy – Due 7/31/2023

Budget Planning 23.24 & Audits

  • The time has come to finalize the School’s budget for SY 23.24. OmniVest is here to provide support and assistance as needed. Please remember the budget and personnel budget must be board approved by June 30, 2023 and submitted to the State by July 15, 2023.
  • Please review, sign, and return the independent Auditor Engagement Letter for the FY 22/23 audit, 990, and PDE Annual Financial Report and watch for emails to begin scheduling for audit work. Remember to review student and staff files which are tested as part of the audit work.


Charter School Capital

Charter School Capital serves over 800 Charter Schools and more than 1.5 million students nationwide. They provide purposeful and strategic services that improve, enhance and support schools and their students.

Struggling to meet enrollment numbers for SY22.23?

Does your website need updating and a fresh new look?

Contact the Enrollment Marketing experts at Charter School Capital! As an extension of each Charter School’s leadership team, the Enrollment Marketing experts actively develop and customize and EM strategy. Through guidance, expertise and customized innovations, Charter Schools utilizing Enrollment Marketing attract and secure new families and students!

For more information contactArlacia Leite

P: 917-268-1003

Preliminary Title Allocations SY23.24

We have received your Preliminary Title Allocations from Federal Programs for SY22.23. We will be in contact in the very near future to review possible usages, staff and program changes and to begin the application process. Please remember the application window is opened from 7/1/2023 through 9/1/2023. The earlier we complete the application the earlier you can start utilizing those funds!

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